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new york city, bohemian hall

Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street, New York City, New York 10021

vystoupí také || together with:
živé kvety (sk)
start: 7pm

In March of 1989 in the New York club Kitchen an international concert took place to support the release of the political prisoner, Martin Jirous, from prison. One of the participating bands was DG 307. Two remarkable bands, DG 307 and Živé kvety will play to Commemorate the 20 year anniversary of this concert. DG 307 was founded in 1973 by Pavel Zajíček and Mejla Hlavsa from the Plastic People of the Universe. One of the main features of this experimental music formation were lyrics by Pavel Zajícek, whose raw and penetrating poetry reflects the world around him. Acording to the music critic Josef Rauvolf: "If we compared the music of DG 307 to a ritual, in which course purification and catharsis take place, we wouldn’t be exaggerating.”

The Slovak band Živé kvety is the most distinct band of the contemporary Slovak scene. Their successful struggle for energetic and strong songs, which make people shiver, happens through their bold melodies, personal and honest lyrics, and the pleading vocals of their front singer. They are rapidly becoming a cult band in central Europe. This will be their first concert in the United States. In collaboration with the Knitting Factory, Consulate General of Slovakia and the Plus421 Foundation.
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